Monday, September 28, 2009

Super Weekend

I was at a dog show in Monroe, Michigan this past weekend with a lovely female I have recently purchased, and who was only 1 point shy of her American championship. "Jolie" acquired her Canadian championship some time ago, and then spent a number of months around the Carolinas and neighbouring states being shown with the hopes of completing her AKC championship as well, but just fell short by the time she came back up here to Canada. I promised my friend when Jolie came to live with me in April that I would get that last point on her, to give him his first homebred American champion. So off we went this weekend, with her coat ready to go into a full body shed, and also giving signs to any and all takers that she's likely coming into season before too long, to compete in one of the largest shows around. No mere 6 or 8 rings ... a full 18 rings, all full at any given moment, on a piece of property that you can't see one end from another. The weather was fabulous, downright hot at times, very fitting for what might be the last outdoor show of the season.

We showed well on Saturday, but not quite well enough, and took 2nd in our class. That was all right. When I showed Jolie for the first time, we were 4th of four, and then at the next show, an indoor specialty, we were 3rd, and now today, 2nd. Well, at least we're moving in the right direction! Sunday came, and it was one of those no pressure days. Our ring was in the far corner of the fairgrounds, with some shade trees and lots of grass, that by now was pretty much vacated. I took a big towel over to some shade and a long leash with a toy, after Jolie was all groomed up and ready to go in the ring, and with time to spare, we played and relaxed and enjoyed just being there, ready for our last shot for this year at her championship.

I knew we were "on" from the beginning. I was ecstatic when the judge pointed her finger to us and awarded us Winners Female. And I think my feet left the ground for a moment when she then gave us Best in Breed. That was all Jolie needed for her championship ... now she was finished! But the icing on the cake was in the very competitive group ring, where we were awarded 4th place in the group ... a delightful finish to a super weekend, and well-deserved recognition of a lovely Sheltie ... new American/Canadian Champion Shaydeechase Girl Interrupted.

I took this photo at the Detroit Specialty earlier this month. What a cutie!


Laureate said...

Congratulations Bren...she is beautiful and truly deserving of the win! Gorgeous photo of her as well.


Lynn Cameron-Aston said...

Congratulations on finishing Jolie's championship - awesome!!

lonfrichuk said...

Well done!! I'm looking forward to meeting her in person!

Acadia Shelties said...

Congratulations! It is the best feeling in the world to be a "team". She is lovely.