Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Off to the Fair!

We went to the Western Fair over the weekend, something we don't do every year, but always have a good time when we do. The weather was phenomenal, the best in many years, and the crowds were still going strong by the time we were there on Saturday night, the second last night of it's ten day run.

While we were munching away on fair food (poutine and elephant ears), I took a couple of photos while it was still light out.

This ride was called "Super Shot", but I think it should have been called "Death Drop" :).

The ever-popular Tilt-A-Whirl.

We moved inside to the agricultural exhibits, watched a lot of the horse show, then of course visited all the farm critters. We saw a couple of very newborn lambs, chicks hatching on the spot, and even met a cow that didn't mind giving kisses. How special is that ? :)

This little black pony was very persistently flirting with this shiny beige "horse". I don't know if the pony ever realized that the object of it's affection was actually fiberglass, but it didn't seem to care.

And here's what the rest of the fake horse looked like! This guy was hilarious, great entertainment!

Here's Chelsea hamming it up with one of her very favourite characters, SpongeBob Squarepants. He was looking a little shabby and not very frightening, but made a perfect photo-op nonetheless.

Back out to the midway, and night had fallen when we weren't looking! I love the fair at night, the colours are brighter, the music's louder, the games are more fun to play, the rides are wilder ...

I forget what this ride is called, but there are people standing up along the whole inside. There was a huge lineup for this ride ... not my cup of tea!

These glow sticks and other glowy things were selling like crazy. They looked great, bobbing along in the distance.

And my favourite ride, the Himalayan ... first you go forward, faster and faster, and there's a bit of a dip and rise on each side. The music's hard and loud, the carnie's urging you to scream louder, and everything outside the ride is a teary blur. Then just when it slows down practically to a stop, and you figure you're safe, you've made it, the ride's over, it starts up all over again, but this time in reverse!! It's awesome!!


Pennylynn said...

Very cool Pics!

Our Fair (Carp Fair) is today till Sunday

Kids are going on bracelet day Friday with their buds! ... and voluntering their time at Saint Bethany's food venue "bacon on a bun" tonight, Saturday and Sunday. This is the church's biggest fundraiser. Kids need volunteer hours for high school - great experience! Great atmosphere!

Laureate said...

Wish I could have made it to the Carp fair, but was away at a dog show. Your photos convey all the color and the feel...really, really great shots. My favorite is the night photo of the giant twirling swing. The jewel like colors are beautiful.


Lynn Cameron-Aston said...

I think that ride you can't remember the name is "The Round Up". My fondest memories are going on those rides and hearing tunes such as "My Sharona"!!!