Friday, September 4, 2009

The Bog Revisited

I took some photos while visiting the bog in the spring. It doesn't ever seem to change very much, but this time I was less interested in the flora and much more interested in the fauna. I know there's a lot of deer in there ... somewhere ... and a friend had told me how they'll come out to drink at the pond most evenings. That was good enough for me ... off on safari!

There is a boardwalk that takes you through the bog in one direction, and a dirt path in another. I took the boardwalk this time; I don't know if the dirt path takes you very directly to the pond. It's kind of eery; the sun doesn't get through in any strength, as you can tell from the heavy algae layer and the dense moss growth.

At the end of the boardwalk is a platform with a railing around it. It's a great vantage point to see the whole pond (almost a small lake), and the wooded area beyond. While I was waiting for what I was sure would be herds and herds of my intended photo subjects, I was watching these goldfish pecking at something they thought was edible. Apparently people opt to come and dispose of their unwanted fish in this pond rather than flushing them, but they are so abundant, the bog caretakers need to purge them from time to time. Like the deer, no natural adversaries to help keep their numbers down.

I'm not a turtle expert, but this fellow didn't seem interested in the goldfish at all, so perhaps he's strictly a vegetarian-type. He was only mildly curious about me.

And here is one view of the furthest point of the pond. I'm quite sure there were many pairs of doe eyes just waiting for me to leave so they could come out and get their evening's drink. I left them to it ... this time :)


Laureate said...

The deer will be waiting for you next can always come and hang around our apple tree. The deer are very fond of that at the moment!

anamchara1 said...

I can hardly wait! :)