Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sunday at the Park

Inspiration, the sudden urge to pick up my camera and get "that shot", comes out of the blue more often than when it's planned. On Sunday afternoon, I was caught by the way the sun lit this flower arrangement on my table, and took a number of pictures just playing with the colours and composition and how close could I get (not as close as I would like :)).

That's all the excuse I needed ... my planned-for drudgeries at home suddenly evaporated, I changed from yard clothes to public duds, grabbed my camera bag and headed for Springbank Park, a large and well-known spot, sure to be busting with photo-op potential.

The park was full of maples and other trees in varying degrees of colour and defrocking. This striking yellow-leaved maple stood near the riverbank, and it's reflection looked like molten amber.

The carousel that would normally have line ups of children waiting to climb aboard these obedient steeds was nearly riderless.

The stairs led to the park's train depot and the pool area. Not a lot of foot traffic here now!

Even the swings are still and silenced, just one lone child, bundled and scarved, taking what might be the last turn of the year.

No reservations needed here ... not till next year ...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day Tripping

My friend Laurel was visiting this weekend from Ottawa, and when I asked if there was anything in particular she'd like to do, she suggested going to Bayfield on Saturday to visit her friend's art gallery. Basically a summer tourist attraction, I haven't been there in years, although it's only about an hour away right on Lake Huron. Like many villages and towns that dot the lakeshore, Bayfield is filled with charm and history. The main street is lined with small shops of all kinds, eateries and inns. The weather started out miserable, rainy and windy, but by the time we got there and enjoyed a marvelous lunch at the Red Pump Inn, the skies had cleared somewhat and was just fine for a walkabout.

A sampling of some of the local sights ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


There's a charming retreat of sorts just outside of London called "Pinecroft", nestled back from the road on a woodland piece of property, and offering a variety of attractions. Most widely known for it's tea room and pottery making, Pinecroft also hosts a bed and breakfast, a large pond with a small beach on one side and a picturesque waterfall on the other. There's also a number of small cottages, each one dedicated to one of many spa-type treatments. The trees are so tall that you truly feel embraced under their majestic canopy. It's a place that's good for the body and soul!

Here's one angle looking at the front of the tea room, the main building.

A view of the waterfall ...

This stone frog is a permanent resident, and has some history behind it. Of course you have to pet it ... it might bring you good luck!

This swan was very obliging, and looked so serene against the backdrop of fall colours.

I'm looking forward to going back again soon; I hear they have a heck of a bluegrass jam session on Sunday afternoons!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pups at 10 Weeks

Here's a group shot of the pups at 10 weeks. Unfortunately, the boy (on right) will almost certainly be too large for the show ring, so he and his blue sister will be looking for new homes. The tri-coloured girl will be staying, and I have fingers tightly crossed that she turns out as nicely as I hope. Time will tell.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cavies & KISS

We had a very full schedule last week, and were even busier this week, so I'm a little tardy posting these photos.

The one really nice thing about raising and showing Shetland Sheepdogs is the nice people you meet. It's pretty much a given that in most sheltie litters, the majority of the puppies will end up going to homes as beloved pets. In this current litter (hopefully up to date pictures coming this weekend) there was one tiny tri coloured female who found her perfect match with a lovely 9 year old girl, Summer, who had saved her Christmas and birthday money for two years for her very own sheltie puppy. They will be coming to pick up "Angel" this Monday, as the family was going away on a bit of a holiday. When they visited to meet the puppy the first time, we heard all about their guinea pigs and the occasional litter they have. It turns out that Pipi (their female GP) was due to have her own babies right before they were leaving, and Summer's mom was a little concerned about finding the right people to look after the mama piggy and her new brood. I guess I don't have to tell you; of course we took Pipi and her three 2 day old babies! I didn't realize that guinea pigs, or cavies, are born totally haired, eyes open and running around, ready to go. They are just the cutest little things ... we're such suckers for critters!:)

When I had agreed for Pipi to come stay with her babies until Angel's new family could come for her, Chelsea and I were looking forward to keeping two of the babies, but only of the same gender. So now we have two new male family members. The first picture is Pipi with her family. The girl's head is in front, pointing to the left. Then there's Rustle meeting Wilbur (Chelsea's), and my new piggy, who I named Steve. We hope we were interpreting the "how to sex your guinea pig" instructions correctly. I guess time will tell.

That same week, KISS came here in London to the John Labatt Centre. It was an absolutely fabulous show. I had never seen them before, and it was well worth the wait. The band is incredibly tight, the hardest working rock group I've ever seen, from beginning to end, and put on a huge show. Chelsea took some pics with her Blackberry, but they didn't turn out very well. Nonetheless, we're very happy to have the pictures. Makes the band members kind of look like little toy figures, don't you think? :).