Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sunday at the Park

Inspiration, the sudden urge to pick up my camera and get "that shot", comes out of the blue more often than when it's planned. On Sunday afternoon, I was caught by the way the sun lit this flower arrangement on my table, and took a number of pictures just playing with the colours and composition and how close could I get (not as close as I would like :)).

That's all the excuse I needed ... my planned-for drudgeries at home suddenly evaporated, I changed from yard clothes to public duds, grabbed my camera bag and headed for Springbank Park, a large and well-known spot, sure to be busting with photo-op potential.

The park was full of maples and other trees in varying degrees of colour and defrocking. This striking yellow-leaved maple stood near the riverbank, and it's reflection looked like molten amber.

The carousel that would normally have line ups of children waiting to climb aboard these obedient steeds was nearly riderless.

The stairs led to the park's train depot and the pool area. Not a lot of foot traffic here now!

Even the swings are still and silenced, just one lone child, bundled and scarved, taking what might be the last turn of the year.

No reservations needed here ... not till next year ...


Laureate said...

Great colours; super descriptions. You leave me inspired!

Cheers, Kim (and Foo bouncing her tennis ball at my feet)

Mordillio said...

I adored her beauty picture from autumn and i hope Kelly she looks with me as soon as possible.;)
With kind regards from Austria. Ilona

lonfrichuk said...

Beautifully done! You've missed your calling - should've been a poet :-)

Lynn Cameron-Aston said...

Beautiful shots on a beautiful day! Excellent.