Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Field of Dreams

I spent the last couple of days having a wonderful visit with my good friends Kim and Pete (Laureate Shelties) near Ottawa. Of course it was shelties that we first shared years ago, but when Bunny came into the Laureate household last fall, the first time I met her, I was smitten!! And then along came Barbie, Bunny's half-sister, this year, and now it's just poodle heaven! Oh, the shelties are pretty darn nice, too!!:)

Here are the two sisters starting to rip across the field.

It didn't take long before Barbie started to look like a little mud hen, racing in and out of the ditch.

Bunny takes a moment to check out the field behind her.

Gabi, the matriarch, looking on at the mayhem around her.


Laureate said...

You got some great shots! Really neat to see them through another lens. Just gorgeous and I really LOVE the one of Gabi!

Bunny wants you to come back again soon...and to bring your fluffy slippers!


lonfrichuk said...

Great pics Bren! Love the one of Gabi - so dignified!

Pete said...

Jibby with the distant look in her eyes, and the nice soft tones.

Nice bokeh with all the 180 shots.