Saturday, September 19, 2009


I had gone down to the Thames River to fish the other night, and although I didn't catch anything (I did "liberate" a few worms), there were a number of ducks and geese that I thought would make a fun photo shoot. Chelsea loves to feed birds (animals of any sort, really) so she and I went back to that spot last evening with the better part of a bag of bread and Rustle and had a great time.

Are we feeding the ducks or singing with them? :)


And then these really funky geese came along, just the 3 of them ... didn't ask what party they had come from or were going to, but it must have been a good one!!

Till next time ...


Pennylynn said...
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Pennylynn said...

My fav.... the first two pics.... especially the "singing" pic.

I can't beleive that the mallard approached that close with Rustle being there in Chelsea's arm.

I love chelsea's expression in the first one.... truly a "au natural" beautiful picture.

lonfrichuk said...

Great pics Bren! Looks like you had loads of fun. Funky looking water fowl - need to investigate further and find out what they are.

Laureate said...

Hi Bren,

Great photos! The red faced ones are Muscovy ducks. They are the ones used for meat...:-(

Love the picture of Chels and the duck with their mouths open!


anamchara1 said...

Muscovy ducks? They were "goosey-looking" (??) so I didn't think they were ducks. If I had known, I might have had to leave a trail of bread pieces into the van ... I LOVE duck!! :)