Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Night Before ...

... well, you know the rest! And even though we don't have any mice "stirring", our puppies are becoming more active all the time, even starting to interact with each other. I expect eyes will start to open any day now, as Christmas Day is their two week birthday. I doubt they have sugarplums dancing in their heads, but they are certainly content little babies.


We've decorated the house, dressed the tree (real, of course :)), gifts are wrapped and bowed, and the table is festive and ready for Santa. I never get tired of Christmas morning!







Laureate said...

Looks very festive and cheery! Your puppies look fat and healthy.

Have a great Christmas! Hugs to you and Chels,


Mont'Alves said...

I just love the shelties ornaments. Do you know if i can order them online ?

I would love to have them on my Xmas tree.

Have a great Xmas and a fantastic 2010.

lonfrichuk said...

Great pics Bren! Babies are looking good and I love the Christmas ornament shots - good job!

anamchara1 said...

Hi Rui -
Actually my friend in North Carolina gave them to me last Christmas. They're from the Danbury Mint, the "Santa's Shelties" Christmas ornaments. I'm glad you like them!

Linda said...

Puppies look real healthy, so cute, and your Sheltie christmas decorations on the tree are very unique.

Pennylynn said...

I love when they yawn.... tongue sticking out... curled up... tee hee.

Great pictures Brenda - the pups look lovely

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