Monday, December 7, 2009

Starting to Look a Lot Like ...

I never do my Christmas lights the same way twice, so it's a bit of a Cracker Jack box every year. I had taken a stab at it a week ago, but found some excuse to put off finishing. This past Sunday was bright, sunny, and not a blizzard, which is what we are usually battling to hang our lights. I got home in good time from a terrific dog show weekend with my very good friend Kim (Laureate) and was in a festive frame of mind, so even though I was going solo, and am not the best on a ladder, decided I really had to take advantage and finish the job. Unfortunately, it was not a task that would be accomplished in that bright, uplifting sunshine. I ended up crawling around in the dark (mind you, it was only 5:30!!) trying to find extension cords whose plugs were compatible. It should have been easy, but apparently not all plugs are made the same. Go figure.

The end result, although satisfactory, is really anti-climatic without that first gentle layer of snow (emphasis on "gentle"), which nicely softens the entire affect and makes the whole thing Christmas-y instead of just cold winter lighting. But from most angles, the lights didn't look half bad.



Pennylynn said...

My fav's are any black and white image. So yeah... I love the black and white one you have with the cedar tree... and of course... my favorite color is red.. and I just love what the glow of the red lights did in the last picture.

Good ones Barb.

Pennylynn said...

Holy hot to fire... I can't believe I called you Barb... I meant Brenda... shooot me now~!

**hanging my head in shame with hand out** slap me.

anamchara1 said...

LOL ... no problem, Penny! Gave me a chuckle ... :)