Monday, November 30, 2009

Rain Delay

On Sunday I had popped my 4 month old show hopeful "Meena" into the van with my camera gear and clothes for the weather to explore another large conservation area, just down at the end of the major thoroughfare one street over. It was darkening as the afternoon grew late, but I had high hopes the rain might hold off for us, just for maybe an hour. It didn't. This was the view looking into the entrance to the park when we arrived.

Same view, after the wipers had made a pass.

We did get brave enough to see if it really was raining as hard as it looked. It was.

That was all right, I had wanted to get a start on my dinner anyway, as it was something I came up with on the fly and a little more exotic than my usual fare. I had acquired some moose sausage a week or so ago, and although I've had it before, it has been awhile and I forget how I had cooked it. I settled on a kind of moose ragout, sausages braised in chopped tomatoes and root vegetables with mushrooms on wild brown rice. It ended up looking very rustic, and smelled wonderful! I'm glad there was plenty for leftovers :).


Laureate said...

YUM! Looks wonderful. What spice did you use?

Cool Design Shelties said...

Yummy, yummy :o)


anamchara1 said...

First, of course, I browned off some shallots and garlic in olive oil/butter, then started adding the layers of meat, liquid and veggies, seasoned with s&p, then added fresh thyme and rosemary, not too much, but I think I got it just about right :).