Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gull Spotting

As pleased as I was to find some surprises at the pond, I still was hoping to track down some Canada geese, in flight or landing in that majestic formation. I headed to a spot I felt sure would yield all kinds of goosey photo ops ... surely I wouldn't end the day without at least one fabulous shot of my quarry?

Of course I was doomed to not see a single Canada goose all day. I did find a large flock of gulls that I had not expected at all, and ducks that I knew and a few I didn't. I was caught by the striking difference in venues, leaving the pond that was all soft and puffy and muted, coming to this river bank, stoney and harsh, even the birds were edgier and steely. A no less enjoyable place to be, very different from where I had just come, and again, unfolding some unexpected treasure.



Laureate said...

Love the colours! Any idea what kind of duck that is with the patches? I've never seen one like that before.

lonfrichuk said...

Great pics Bren! Love the contrast between last week and this posting!

anamchara1 said...

No, I don't know what kind of duck that is. I was hoping someone who saw it here would know!

Anonymous said...

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