Sunday, August 16, 2009

Puppy Pics

Here's a group photo of Keva's puppies at 12 days old. I've waited a bit before posting their pictures, as the one little tri girl was less than half the size of her siblings, only 3 oz at birth, but now she's catching up and doing fabulously. She hasn't seen a scrawny day yet, but it's been a lot of work keeping her tummy full :). The other girl is also a tri colour, not a bi black as I had thought up until a day or two ago, and then there's a blue girl and a blue boy. The male is on the far right. I've included a picture of mom "Keva" - "Chelson Satin Image" - as well, and you can see dad "Jasper" - "Lynphil Timeless Piece" on the Lynphil Shelties website. I just love these puppies!


lonfrichuk said...

OHHHH - those are pretty puppies! You must be thrilled, good for you!

Laureate said...

They are just beautiful...congratulations! Looking forward to watching them grow.