Sunday, August 23, 2009

Puppy Pawlooza!

Yesterday was the first annual Puppy Pawlooza, London's Festival for Dogs. I've never seen so many displays, vendors, interactive opportunities and contests for dogs, and then so many dogs, in one place! The day offered such events as agility demos, a pet psychic, canine first aid, and quick lessons in cute tricks, obedience, nutrition and safety with children. There were lots of samples to give away, and the events were free. It was a fabulous day and I hope this was the first of many Pawloozas to come!

This dog's owner was giving a jumping demonstration. Yes, it really was the dog who was supposed to be jumping, but watching this owner (and others) who decided that this was the way to teach their dog how to jump was really far more entertaining!

A pair of young Sharpei.

And two stunning Harlequin great danes.

Here's Rustle, just too sexy for his new hoody!!

One of the highlight events was the dock diving. All kinds of dogs participated. The real water dogs who knew exactly what they were supposed to do, the wanna-be water dogs who were all gungho until the toy was actually tossed into the water and no amount of barking would beckon it back, and those that just plain barked at every one else. That would be the Shelties :).

Another very popular event was the frozen doggy yogurt eating contest. Three prizes were awarded: the fastest, the most polite and the cutest. Can you guess who won the cutest prize??

I was laughing so hard, I almost couldn't take this picture!! The victors in the "cutest" category ... and who would argue? :)

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Laureate said...

Ha ha, way too cute! Loved this post. Hugs to Rustle! Love his new hoodie; he was a shoo-in to win the cuteness prize!!!