Friday, August 7, 2009

Bits & Pieces

I've collected some photos of various events and occasions over the last few weeks, not enough for an entire post, I thought, but interesting or different enough to share at some point, so here they are (newest to oldest).

Last weekend a few streets in downtown London were closed to accomodate the Imadon Street Painting Festival, a large group of chalk artists including a separate group that dedicated itself solely to the re-creation of the Sistine chapel. It was amazing!

That same weekend we celebrated my daughter Chelsea's birthday. We enjoy "theme parties", and this year it was all about Hannah Montana. Here's Chels and Rustle blowing out her candles.

Two pictures of my entire vegetable garden, one fancy tomato and one cherry tomato plant. I planted them some time ago, and had hoped to be harvesting them any time now. I'm still waiting.

At another festival in mid July, this fellow was making molds of peoples' hands as a fund raiser for an arts project which would contribute funds toward making artificial limbs for war victims in Asia. It was kind of eery to see all these fake but very real looking hands strewn about.

And the ever popular rope game. That's Jolie leading Kelly and Keva on a merry chase. A moment later, they ran into something and it was game over, for a minute anyway.

Keva giving fair warning ...

And of course here's Rustle giving Kelly the evil eye. It was a draw :).

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