Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spring Collection

I have been taking photos here and there as Spring was arriving, and have chosen a few to post now before we're headlong into summer. Today, it certainly feels more like July than May! No complaints!

These alium are tucked just inside the branches of my lilac standard outside my front door. I had almost forgotten all about them.

I have a couple of helleborus, and every year they're the first blooms, most of the time beginning to peak through the snow in March.

The columbine have gone wild in my back garden and are threatening to take over the poppies. The plants in the front are not nearly as mature as these.

My lilac tree in the back. Never realized how many plants with purple blooms I have! I do have other colours, but these are the early arrivals.

This is a renegade crabtree, courtesy of one of my neighbour's. I've left it to its own way, and the dogs still try those miserable little sour apples every year. Once :).

A purple iris ... what else??

I liked this shadow cast by my split leaf Japanese maple.

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