Monday, January 2, 2012

"All That's Old is New Again"

The beginnings of a brand new year, full of promise and stories yet to be told, memories in the making, out of sight for now. A time for reflection and for resolutions, that kind of in between time, when we recall our highs and lows over the past 12 months, and look ahead to the next with self-assurances of doing better.

I am thankful for 2011. It was a very good year in so many ways. My family continued to be happy and healthy, and we even added one! I had a lot of fun at dogs shows this year and some very memorable wins that I was able to share with good friends. I had some beautiful puppies, and made some new friends through the pets I let go to loving homes. Generally, it was a year of balance and harmony, with a few thrilling peaks and not many valleys.

Looking toward 2012, I hope to build on the high points of last year and move past the low ones, which thankfully were few and far between. I am excited to see what surprises are in store, will try to make the most of opportunities that come my way, and be wise enough let go of that which I can't control. I hope that a year from now, 2012 will look as good in the rear view mirror as 2011 does now.


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