Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keva's Kids at 7 Weeks

Bathed, brushed and fluffed, ears up and a minor trim (these are the hairiest puppies!!), we marked the puppies' 7 week birthday with some head shots. The [only] girl is the tri, and I'm calling her "Kendall"; she'll be staying here and I'm still working on a registered name. We'll be watching one or two of the boys over the next couple of weeks in the hopes that at least one will be kept as a show/breeding prospect. We're extremely pleased with the consistent look of these puppies, and their temperaments are the best! This has been one of the easiest litters ever ... a few lucky families are getting some wonderful puppies!

First born puppy, this fellow's a bi blue.


And the other bi blue, puppy #2.


Here is the third boy, a show hopeful if he can manage to not grow too much over the next few weeks.


And the last boy, another blue merle with white and tan, like #3.


Finally, this is "Kendall". I love her feisty personality, her neat little body and her sweet, feminine expression. I'm excited to watch her grow up!



lonfrichuk said...

LOVE these puppies!

Mary Ann said...

They are too beautiful! I love them all! Keeping my fingers crossed :)