Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cady!!

Today is my Cady's 12th birthday, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Outside of some "selective" hearing, and a little more nap time, she is aging at a rate that I can only envy. Still wildly exuberant about anything resembling food, still my protector and sidekick, Cady remains the highlight of my life. She is also featured in the above banner. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!

"Ch Laureate Cadence", shortly after I brought her home from Kim and Pete's (Laureate), at 11 weeks old.


Photos taken by Chris Lynch in 2003 after Cady placed a close 2nd place in the Novice Bitch class at the ASSA National in Michigan.



Relaxing ...


One of the few non-show photos I have of Cady and I together ... sure, she doesn't look thrilled, but I love it!



Laureate said...

Happy Birthday sweet Cady! So happy she went home with you Bren, and because of her we have become best of friends.

Cady I hope you get come cake!

Cheers, Kim

anamchara1 said...

Thank you for my girl, and thank you for our friendship ... two parts of my life I cherish!

Cady loved her smidge of Red Velvet cheese cake :).