Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meena, Growing Up

I took my 7 month old hopeful - "Anamchara Aminata" - to her first show this past weekend, a Sheltie Specialty just north of Toronto. I did not expect anything more than to have a good time, and to make Meena's first show experience a really good one. I think it was a success, we both had a lot of fun, and it's always great to see fellow breeders and admire their dogs. I will now likely wait until she grows up a little more before taking her out again. I believe she will be well worth waiting for!




Shelamo Shelties said...

Am sure she will more than exceed your expectations! She looked lovely in the ring.

Anonymous said...

Meena is so gorgeous Brenda! I thought she was such a darling that day we met her at your house, and her colouring reminds me of our Bailey. Good luck in the show ring!
Brenda Krantz