Sunday, June 14, 2009

Backyard Wildlife

On this, the last full weekend of spring, I came across some critters while doing yardwork that I thought I would share. Doesn't everyone do weeding and transplanting with a camera around their neck??:)

A very industrious bee among the columbine.

I've seen this toad a number of times now. I believe he's supposed to mean good luck.

Another bee, nearly dead centre in the verbascum.

And the scariest wildlife of all ... King of the Urban Jungle!!

It's Rustle the Intimidator!!

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid ...


Cool Design Shelties said...

OK!...I'm very afraid now ;o))


lonfrichuk said...

Hilarious! GRRRR Rustle! GRRRR!

Laureate said...

Ha ha...he is intimidating! Great shots!